Varem’s Italian agents’ meeting

Was held on 26 February 2013, which VAREM agents meeting organized to bring together and coordinate its sales force in Italy. Preceded by a gala dinner, the day provided an opportunity for an interesting debate in which the company presented the results obtained and future projects, dealing with agents on the impressions and information of the market in which are measured daily.

Have you listed the many improvements made ​​at the level of the product and its positive impact on quality, given the significant reduction of defects both in production and in terms of returns, are then listed the new automation production lines and carried out in the interventions planned in the next two years.

He finally spoke of the interesting results obtained in productivity thanks to the introduction of the principles of lean production to conclude with the company communication plans. While certainly going through difficult times, it has been possible to draw up a positive balance and thus give further impetus to the activity of its sales force.