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Aquavarem, a load off your mind

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Aquavarem, a load off your mind: For the installer who would prefer to have no further problems, AQUAVAREM provides the perfect solution: with the diaphragm membrane in butyl rubber and the internal soft liner protection, a constant air pre-charge is guaranteed through time. Suitable for drinking water with temperatures up to 99°C. High-resistance painting is a guarantee of durability.
That’s why AQUAVAREM is maintenance-free.
That’s why AQUAVAREM has a 5-year warranty.

Within a Varem product there is the whole of Varem

Advertising for sector magazines

Within a Varem product there is the whole of Varem: Efficiency, reliability and safety are not just words. Are the guarantee of quality that only a reality with 40 years of experience can give. A reality as Varen, a company that has always engages in the design and construction of pressure vessels and expansion vessels designed to work and give their best under pressure. Every day.

We’re not full of hot air

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We are not inflated balloons: There are those who by so many airs and those who work hard. Who looks on the outward and those who prefer the substance. There are those who conquer with the promises and who communicates with the facts. Which side will you? We have made ​​our choice. For 40 years.

Quality solutions for all volumes

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Quality solutions for all volumes: This is the traditional slogan of VAREM, the one that accompanied it in its development over the years. The motto promotes the consolidation of a complete, modular and flexible. Varem has gone beyond, of course, since it is inserted in a dynamic and competitive: along with the increase of the quantity of the items ranges tanks, VAREM has also reached a qualitative with the development of new ranges and technological adaptation of some tanks (eg the SOLARVAREM, which can operate at high temperatures in the solar panels). Now VAREM also manufactures heat exchangers and boilers, the integral part of the heating systems based on renewable energy.

Choose quality …

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Choose quality …: Products VAREM are poor from the point of view of marketing, therefore, the whole design can take care of the quality. The products VAREM must ensure efficiency and energy saving devices to which they belong and the entire water system in which they are installed. For this quality is a basic concept that has accompanied VAREM from the beginning, a commitment that the company has taken towards the market and the consumer. The slogan focuses on savings, with our 50 liters that doubles up as piggy bank: and it is true twice, because a product that works, reliable and secure, built to the highest standards and subjected to rigorous controls from raw materials to delivery , lasts a long time and it works well, and its optimal operation is the basic condition for saving energy.

… The service is included!

Advertising for sector magazines

… The service is included!: Yes, the service is included. If our tanks convey water around the world is because we provide a complete service, with a close range to the needs of the customer and at the same time standardized on the basis of quality brands, with effective pre-sales support for the choice the appropriate article, with the after-sales installation, and with courtesy.