Varem extends its warranty

Due to investments to improve product quality, and also to the quality of plants and processes, there has been continuous and significant improvement of the quality indicators in recent years.
Also thanks to the introduction of Lean Production, the rate of returns for non conformities now remains constantly below the threshold of 0.2%.
This figure has convinced Varem to extend the warranty period on the range of expansion vessels, multifunction and pressure tanks to exceed EU regulations, which require a warranty of two years from the manufacture date.

In fact, starting from 2015, if these products are acknowledged as faulty in the two years prior to the current year, they will be considered covered by warranty. This is in actual fact an extension of the warranty that can last up to three years.
Moreover, due to a series of technical measures designed to obtain a product with superior features, the warranty of the Ultravarem range of pressure tanks, in the 20, 24, 60 and 100 l capacities, will be extended to 5 years.