Varem energy efficiency

In 2013 Varem set un an energy audit process, based on measurement, data collection, evaluation and analysis of its energy requirements, and with the aim of producing the same quality of products and services while decreasing primary energy consumption.
The rationalization of primary energy consumption was implemented in particular through the following operations and with the following results:

1) System for recovering heat from the compressed air plants; 96% of the eletricity absorbed by the compressors is used for heating. This solution allows a 14% reduction in the natural gas used to heat the buildings.
2) Replacement of the conventional discharge type lithting system in the two plants with new high efficiency “directional flux” systems. This produces an energy saving of 62%.
3) Installation of “Inverter Energy Saving” in the hot and cold forming systems used to produce tanks with capacities ranging from 60 to 1000 litres, resulting in an energy saving of between 20 and 30%.

All these solution allow a total reduction in CO2 emissions of 271.000 kg per year.