The quality of Varem products continues to improve

VAREM has long embraced the concept of continuous improvement and introduced the principles of lean production in the design and implementation of its production lines, related processes and then the products. The results were not long in coming and also in 2012 ended with a step further improvement of the various indices of quality, first of all related to the defectiveness of the finished products.

On this aspect has been great support from business partners, who provided an adequate feed back from the market, on which they immediately operated departments and technical quality often in collaboration with strategic suppliers company. For its part, the property has stepped up investment in this field, in the full belief that a product and superior service are fundamental to maintain and strengthen the company’s competitive advantage.

Interventions at various levels of depth have redesigned production lines and processes redesigned and improved products have become increasingly effective in bringing down the last 5 years the returns for non-compliance from an already good 0.32% in 2008 to a excellent 0.20% in 2012. The data in the first months of 2013 suggest a further improvement of this index.