New crimped flange by Varem

Within its continuous product research and development activities, Varem has developed a new solution to greatly improve the features of a key component of its expansion tanks: the crimped flange
In fact, starting from October 2013 this component is no longer produced by welding the threaded connection to the supporting disc, but is moulded in one piece; this feature makes it much more reliable and capable of withstanding high pressures, as has been widely confirmed by destructive testing performed in the Varem laboratories.
Another interesting new feature is the integration of a lock nut at the base of the connection, which makes the part easier and safer to install in the system.
Finally, the flange is provided with a special perforated plastic inner cap, specifically shaped to considerably improve internal circulation.
Products provided with this innovation can be found in the ranges: extravarem LR and extravarem LC, which include expansion tanks with nominal volumes from 2 to 18 litres.