New Flovarem flow through tank

The Varem R&D has developed an innovative solution that limits drawbacks deriving from the use of electronic pump controllers in hydraulic pressurization systems: the new FLOVAREM flow-through vessel.
This is an expansion vessel provided with a membrane, with two male/female connections and a perforated pipe passing through the inside: this is a solution that does not exist on the market and for which a patent application has been filed.
The function of this product is to provide a water reserve downstream of the electronic pump controller, to prevent frequent pump start-ups in the event of micro leaks or small withdrawals, this optimizing pump operation and consequently reducing consumption. It is in all respects an expansion vessel, and therefore offers conventional protection against water hammer. Moreover, a perforated through pipe on the inside ensures that water can flow through even if the pre-charge setting is incorrect.

For further details consult the technical data sheet available in the download area of the website.